Hello 🙂 First let me introduce myself, I’m Christine, 32 years old, a mum and a wife. My 2 little terrors – Miss S, 5 years old and started school this year (my little Preppy) and Mr L, 3 years old and too smart for his own good. 9 years ago in 2007, I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life ~ even if sometimes he drives me insane and we don’t always get along, that’s ok (as I’m sure it goes both ways  sometimes 😉 ) and really, that’s life isn’t it?!?

A little bit on behind the scenes: I’m a stay at home mum which is a hard job all on its own, I also have a small hobby sewing business Little Cherry Owl, am currently studying to become a Teachers Aide, and am President of my daughter’s schools P&C Association. I’m creative at heart – I love sewing, embroidery, scrapbooking, cake decorating, basically anything crafty. So, as you can imagine; life is craaazyyy!!!

What will this blog be about? Well, life – REAL life: Parenting, family, love. CLEANING: organising, decluttering. BAKING: Cakes/Decorating, cooking. Exercising. Basically Getting my Shhhh….tuff Together! Am I an expert? Goodness NO! But after reading, listening to and loving A Slob Comes Clean Podcasts, hubby suggested I start my own blog. Not to copy, but to get my own story out there.

Back in June 2016 I discovered the magic of Bullet Journalling. It satisfied some creativeness and organisation in my life that I was severely lacking. I’ve now been logging and using this system for a few months (yes, I’m still using and LOVING it, but have been a bit slack these last few weeks during school holidays). I’ll talk more about Bullet Journalling another day I’m sure.

The start of September marked a new chapter in my life. I decided it was time to get Get my Shhhh….tuff Together! Exercising by walking and enrolling in Adult Gymnastics class (no, I am certainly NOT fit!) and wanting to lose 10kg, organising and decluttering my home (thanks to A Slob Comes Clean for being my inspiration), having travel goals and generally living a more intentional life.

Can we do it? Maybe. Surely. So, even though I’m sure no-one will be reading this at anytime in the near future, my commitment is to be as honest as possible, give this blogging thing a shot and live a happier, more intentional life while attempting to get my stuff together!

Christine xx

Our Family.



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