Lucky he’s cute!!

So yesterday was a SHOCKING parenting day. Mr L (3) was a naughty – have you seen the Smurfs 2? You know the little grey smurfs that Gargamel created, that was him! (And I think he even referred to himself at one point as a naughty) 

Here in Queensland it was a public holiday, last day of school holidays (even though he isn’t old enough to attend school yet), and it started out innocently enough, doing the new regular weekly clean of the bathroom in an effort to keep on top of the housework, hubby working, kids being quiet watching Nanny McPhee on Netflix – great, I can do this.

Mum, I want eggs: ok, boiled 6 eggs so I had some ready for lunches this week as well, cut one up for him (Miss S wasn’t at all interested). The last 8 I later discover has been smashed all over the yard while I was showering (how dare I). Wonderful. Lucky we have 2 chooks that keep us from buying eggs :/ 

But it doesn’t stop there…. Mr L also decided that it would be a great choice to squeeze honey into the hole of our ergorapido (small upright vacuum cleaner) that needed to be fixed, so part of it was pulled out. Yeahhhh that now has honey in it….. that was fun getting that out of the carpet and cleaned out as best I could.

Next on our wonderful adventurous day we thought it would be a good idea to feed the fish – with the remaining fish flakes – half a tin. Sorry, I’m done. Nap time for you! Go to bed, mumma needs a break.

Luckily hubby cleaned out the fish tank when he got home from work (it was probably due anyway) and cooked up some sausages and noodles for the kids for dinner (love you!!). My brain was fried, I’d had enough for the day. Thank god I had some Bundy Rum in the fridge and lucky for Mr L he’s very cute! Hehe Thankfully Miss S was quite well behaved which probably saved my sanity! This parenting gig is hard sometimes. 


Christine xx


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