Self-Care / Me Time

Gymnastics started back for me yesterday, so I’m a bit sore today after a 2 week break. So today, while Miss S was at school and Mr L was visiting my Nan (yes, their great-grandmother, who at 90 is absolutely AMAZING!!) I had some me time. 

School holidays was a bit of a roller-coaster for us, a fun, short family holiday at the Gold Coast, quite emotional when we got home as we said our final goodbye to hubby’s grandfather, it was also quite a stressful time (as I’m sure all you parents out there know). So today, I just needed a break. 

I didn’t neglect the housework, I still unpacked the dishwasher, washed and hung out a load of washing, helped out with reading group at school and done a quick pickup through the house. Now I’m working on embroidering finger puppets for markets this Friday night (progress shot below – aren’t they CUTE!!). 

But this morning, I went to bingo (alone) and went to spotlight for supplies. It wasn’t much, and while I would have LOVED to have had a coffee with a friend, or a nap – it wasn’t in the cards. But that’s ok. It was enough. It was like a small recharge for a few hours where I wasn’t having to be responsible for the house, kids, sewing or anything.

Do I feel guilty? A little, but not really. I know I SHOULD have gone to spotlight for supplies, come home and jumped straight on the machine and done my weekly cleaning items, but I didn’t. I took time for myself and I do feel recharged. I spent time setting up my Bullet Journal for this month (I’ll share more on that another day) and I feel like I’m ready for “Organised October” haha 

One of my favourite quotes is: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Which is so, so true! I always want to say Yes, I want to help, I want to be able to do everything, but I can’t. And the hardest thing is learning to say no. It’s something I still struggle with. So here are some ideas I am hoping to implement to recharge my batteries.

Go Outside! Here in Australia, we’re in Spring. It’s gorgeous weather where I live, so just going outside, doing some gardening, take a walk or just read a book in the sunshine.

Exercise – it may not be a 5km run every day (hahahaha, that’s so NOT me). Take a walk around the block, do some yoga or Pilates at home or go to the gym. 

Catch up with friends – have a coffee, walk together but just getting together, face to face to chat, laugh and catch up. Like the quote from my Coffee Club serviette: “Typing LOL isn’t nearly as good as hearing a friend laugh out loud.” 

Read a book / Listen to your fave music or podcast – not only can this be motivational, but it’s something you can do in just a few minutes a day and at ANY time of day.

Get creative or try something new – take up a new hobby or make time to rediscover a long forgotten one. Try a new recipe, learn how to bake that cake you absolutely adore from your favourite coffee shop, catch up on or start a scrapbooking/photo album, learn to sew, build a veggie or flower garden. 

This last one is not technically Self-Care, BUT I know this has made me feel SO much better, so stick with me for a minute…

Declutter – Lately I have been decluttering our house. Yes, there’s been plenty of work that goes with it and my boot is currently full with another load to go to a donation bin. But there’s a sense of relief every time I take stuff to be donated. And I’ve found the less stuff I’ve had, the better I have felt and the EASIER my house is to keep under control. So while this is housework, I also think this is an important part of looking after yourself. 

Just remember, take care of you!

Christine x


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