Daily Habits – 10 minutes twice a day?!? I can do that!


Yes, you read that right – 20 minutes. 2 lots of 10 minutes. Once in the morning, once at night. I started these daily habits in an effort to get myself more organised. Sometimes I can look at the house and feel majorly overwhelmed. But after I do these few tasks, the house looks so much better and I feel like I can get on with my day.

10 minutes in the Morning.

  • Bedrooms – Make the beds. I have 4 beds in our house, 3 that are slept in every night. Pulling up the sheets makes a huge difference to the whole look of the room and
    10-mins-2takes only a few seconds per bed. I change the sheets once a fortnight (unless the kids have had an accident)
  • Bathroom – Put on a load of washing if needed (and while it takes me maybe 5 minutes to hang out the washing, I still include this first step in my 10 minutes). I prefer to do my laundry every day to every second day. Some people do their washing weekly, and that’s great if that’s what works for you. Sometimes I do as little as 3 loads of clothes a week.
  • Kitchen – While I’m waiting on my kettle to boil, I unpack the dishwasher. This way it is empty and ready to re-stack during the day as dishes are used.

10 minutes at Night.

  • Toys/Bedroom/Lounge – quick pickup. This takes more time during the weekends 10-mins-3
    when kids are home, but I generally get them to help out with this (this is
    also when I
    pick up any stray dishes). And when you think about it 5 minutes per person in our house = 20 minutes worth of picking up!
  • Dining Room – after dinner, the table is cleared off, wiped down and dishes stacked.
  • Kitchen – Finish stacking and put on dishwasher, wipe down benches, wash & wipe the teflon pans (mine don’t like the dishwasher) and sweep. If there’s spots on the floor I ‘mop’ using a flat one that I purchased from Bunnings for approx $15 that has a spray bottle attached. It’s magnificent.

I also put away the clothes during the afternoon. Usually when the kids are having afternoon tea or playing. Because I’m doing a few loads a week, this only takes me approx 5-10 minutes each time.

When I first started this process, it took me maybe 20-30 minutes twice a day. But during my decluttering process and the more I’ve done this, I’ve gotten this time down more and more and can easily do all of this in 10 minutes. (I timed myself this morning and my morning routine took me all of 7 minutes 42 seconds and this included filling the kettle)

These are simple tasks, that seriously take a few minutes but are absolute life savers. I have a made a checklist so that I can check back if I need to. Mostly I don’t need to look any more. But it’s still good to have on my fridge.

Another good idea is to have a cleaning book, or add a note in your diary (I put mine in my Bullet Journal) and time yourself doing tasks. Once you’ve started, it’s easy to see yourself how quickly it is to get simple tasks done or how much quicker you’re getting and that “oh I can’t do anything because I only have 5 minutes” turns into, “wow! I can’t believe how much of a difference that 5 minutes made.” (More on this later)

Now I’m in the process of tidying my plastics cupboard & “the spares” ba-ba-baaaaaaa (i’ll share photo’s – it’s overwhelming!!!)

Christine xx


8 thoughts on “Daily Habits – 10 minutes twice a day?!? I can do that!

  1. Cool idea, I do the same in the morning but I have to wash my dishes lol…. if something is only going to take 5mins to clean I clean it. I just bought a cleaning journal since I wanted to make my house cleaner and felt so overwhelmed. I clean 1 room a day, though I do vacuum the main areas of the house (lounge, dinning room and kitchen) every 2nd day except on the weekends when I only make beds, spot clean, do dishes and cook.

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