Some of you may (or may not) have noticed that I have a little hobby page Little Cherry Owl. Generally I LOVVVEEEE what I do. Not only sewing pretty clothes for girls (that are a respectable length when worn), but also doing embroidery.

Today while sewing up some shorts for an order, I thought why not make a start on some
embroidery work for my next markets. I can have one machine working with minimal supervision (on certain things that require no appliqué work {read cutting around tiny little pieces of fabric} like keyrings) while I sew up some shorts for an order.

Masks.jpgThis process started well, set the machine, get it all ready, 40 minute sewing time, excellent. I’ll go do school drop off, go for my walk with another school mum and then come home and it will be ready for the next step – no. My machine had other plans.

First the yellow thread snapped while I was out. So when I got home I was only 10 minutes into my 40 minute stitch time. Fixed that and brought in my groceries, because I decided to do that while I was out, and hung out another load of washing. Luckily the yellow finished all on its own.

Next is the backing and the red outline stitch. Oh my word! That has done my head in! This step that was only supposed to be 10 minutes of stitch time has turned into an ALL DAY PROCESS!!!! Approx every 200 stitches it comes up with this: 

Which means my thread has broken, again. For the what seems like 100th time today! Note the 25,800 stitches, yeahhhh imagine having to re-thread a machine every 200 stitches of approx 5,000 of those…..
Thankfully, I’m done now. But I’m ready to bang my head against a brick wall!!! Who said hobbies were relaxing?!?

Christine xx

Ps: I did manage to make some super cute Marshall Finger Puppets. Turns out, red & I aren’t agreeing today, but at least I like my machine again….. until next time anyway 😉


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