A Less Stressed Home…

One thing I’ve come to realise is that my (still relatively) new cleaning routines/habits have made me enjoy my home much, much more. The changes I made starting September have really made a huge impact on my life.

Life Doesn't Have to Be Perfect - 8x10.jpg
Picture: Dream Big Printables (Purchase the Mega Packs and print from your computer)

Now, my house certainly isn’t perfect, but the more settled I am with my now fairly established routines has made me enjoy my home. I’m happier within myself and feel better about my house. How did I do this? Easy, I started with my Daily Habits – At first these took me quite a while to complete, starting something when you haven’t done this on any type of regular basis does take a long time, but you will get quicker. It seems it’s never ending and you aren’t making any progress. But as I made these my must do’s every day, it’s gotten easier.

The best way to find out what we really need, is to get rid of what we don’t.

Next, I sat down and worked out a house plan, divided my
house into zones – have you ever watched House Rules? Like that, minus the demolition/renovation (although, that would be fun, I honestly believe I may kill my husband in the process haha). I then made up a picture in Excel for a rough idea on what my house looked like, I then compiled a regular cleaning list. This all seems very complicated, but it honestly wasn’t, and you don’t have to use a computer, you can just draw it out on a sheet of paper. It seemed manageable once it was all written down. This is my large master list that I colour in each room as I completely finish it. (Cleaned, decluttered, organised – it’s a work in progress)

My weekly cleaning plan looks like this:

  • Monday – Bathroom
  • TuesdayKitchen
  • Wednesday – Toy Room, Lounge Room & Dining Room
  • Thursday – Toilet
  • Friday – Our Bedroom, Kids Bedrooms (& occasionally the spare room)
  • Weekends – Sewing Room & Laundry Room

Now I don’t always get everything done in one day, especially the first few weeks as I’m decluttering as I go and really getting the initial dusting/cleaning/dirtiness done – but it does get faster each week. I initially got rid of 3 large plastic containers (you know those 55L ones with lids on) from the kids toy room. And guess what, that was the first room I decluttered back at the start of September and they haven’t asked where all those extra toys are even once. And I’ve been able to keep on top of that room much quicker and easier.

My house is less cluttered, things look nicer, I’ve managed to hang a few pretty prints that I downloaded and printed out from Dream Big Printables around the house – which I love. I go to bed knowing my house is relatively tidy and clean, and when I wake up, I’m not having to deal with a sink full of dirty dishes, toys everywhere and it doesn’t have me wondering where to start or why I bother (which is where my head space was at in August). My home is my happy place and I feel less stressed (not quite stress free, because, well, kids haha). I’m now not as concerned for those unexpected visitors because it doesn’t look like I’ve been robbed, I can say oh sorry for the mess, but it’s not a big mess so I don’t feel too bad.

I’ve discovered that the less stuff I have, the easier my home is to look after, which in turn makes my house tidier, more manageable and me less stressed. Ahhhhh 🙂 Welcome To Our Home - 8x10.jpg

Christine xx

PS: Dream Big Printable links are an affiliate link, this doesn’t mean that it costs you any more, it simply means that I’ve referred you and will get a small percentage of any purchases you may make. I will NEVER recommend a product I haven’t personally used and love.


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