believeAt the end of August, I had decided I had enough. I wanted to make changes and stop making excuses, so launched my own personal idea that I called “Get your Shh…… Together September” (followed by “Organised October” – it’s fun naming months). This was not only for my home, but this was also for my health and in return, my happiness.
Now I didn’t wait for the 1st of September, I actually started with an adult gymnastics class where my daughter attends gymnastics on  the 30th August 2016. I was the only one in the class – gulp. And I was bad/totally unfit. (I’m still not fantastic, but I have come so, so far!) I also decided that I was going to start walking. So I did. Alone. I purchased a cheap phone holder ($5 from Kmart), some go around the arm, but mine goes around my hips. Turn on Podcasts or listen to my music and off I go.

How to keep motivation?? hmmm – now this is the tricky part. I’ve browsed online for tips and tricks and ways to keep motivation, lose weight the fastest, etc etc etc. But guess what, not everything works for everybody (or every body); here are my personal motivation tips and why I started (and still do) work out alone.

3 Ways to keep yourself motivated:

  1. Make a schedule – and stick to it!!! I have my Gymnastics classes 6-7am Tuesdays and 5-6:30pm Saturdays. So this is easy – I HAVE to be there. You know why, because we had a 2 week break over the school holidays, and it was sooooooo much harder, like I was back at square one. I also walk Monday, Wednesday & Friday (And some Thursdays – it’s my only “optional” workout day of the week). The other days and times are in my Bullet Journal, part of my to-do list that needs to be checked off.
  2. Set Goals & Crush Them! My favourite quote is “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Your goal could be anything – big or small – be able to jog my walking track, have average walk time UNDER 10 minutes per km, or do a handstand and then walk on my hands. Goals are highly personal and will be different for each and every person. (I have completed a 5km “run” in under 45 minutes these past school holidays, so I know it IS possible for me to do it, and would love to do another 5km run in the future). And NO SCALES – Try taking your measurements instead. Often people get disheartened by that silly number. I’ve barely moved weight wise, but have noticed a huge difference in my arms, legs and hips. rewards
  3. Reward Yourself – No, you don’t have to reward yourself with food. Try listing things
    you love to do, but don’t often – get a pedicure/massage etc, buy that pair of pants you’ve been eyeing off that finally fit nicely, new running shoes or even a iTunes voucher (you know, to purchase some motivational audio ebooks to listen to on your next walk).

4 Reasons I started working out alone:

  1. No Excuses (except your own) – I really had no-one to come along, and when I thought about it, did I really need someone to hold my hand. No. Not really. I have found not relying on anyone, especially not initially, I am more determined to go for a walk. I’m doing this for me. Not because someone told me I should, not because I’m doing it for a friend, it’s because I want to. Now sometimes I do have a friend join me, but if they can’t make it, I don’t rely on them and I’m more then happy to go it alone. Which is where I believe I’ve gone wrong so many times before. I’ve started attending a gym with someone, go for a few weeks and then excuses happen, my excuse, their excuse, any excuse, so I don’t go. And I inevitably pay for a membership I don’t use. *rolls eyes*
  2. You make the rules – Exercising solo allows you to take full charge of your workouts. This means you can be more impulsive as to when you go, you push yourself as hard as you want (always keeping your personal goals in mind), and you can get lost in your own thoughts.
  3. Less intimidation – If you’re new to exercising, or a bit overweight, often there’s that thought of not being good enough, or not being able to keep up. Your weight and your (lack of) fitness didn’t happen overnight, and it’s not going to magically be fixed or disappear overnight (I wish!). So going solo is beneficial until you’ve gained some confidence back to your gorgeous self.
  4. Me Time – My favourite place is to go for a walk around the botanic gardens. There’s some beautiful wildlife while I’m on my walks. I can put in my headphones and listen to my favourite Podcasts (at the moment I’m loving A Slob Comes Clean & The Minimalists I haven’t found a fitness one yet, but I’m loving the inspiration and motivation that comes after my walk when I get home). If I feel like stopping to take a photo (or 10) I can. botanic-gardens

In saying all this though, I do (as I said above) occasionally have friends come for a walk with me, I have made a friend at my Gymnastics class and have played with the idea on starting a walking group within my daughters school (as this is where I generally start my morning walks, and I’m usually done by 9:30). However, because I set the ground work, I don’t mind if or when I go it alone.
Sometimes working out or walking alone isn’t suitable, fitness-quoteor you need that person to hold you accountable. And that’s absolutely ok. Just remember, they don’t HAVE to be there in person to keep you accountable. I have a friend that I text, we keep each other in check with our journeys.

Take advantage of Apps – Add people/friends on Map My Walk (I use this for my walking, and it’s free) and you can join in challenges, use different apps to create/join a community, or join ParkRun – It’s free, and somewhere you can go and be with someone while also being alone. I’ve only attended one event as it isn’t currently available in my local town, but there were encouraging people (not only the volunteers, but other runners were as well, who were absolute strangers) the whole way.

We’re all on different paths and in our own comfort zones. You may work out alone, in a group, or have super reliable friends that never have excuses. As far as I’m concerned, whatever works is perfect! Go you!!!

Christine xx

PS: Send a PM to my Facebook page if you were wanting to add friends to Map My Walk but have no-one. We’re all in this together 🙂



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