Plastic Container / Tupperware Cupboards or draws. Man do they suck. I’m certain at one time or another everyone has that chuck and shut manoeuvre down pat. Surely? Or is it just me – eek. I had plastic in the corner cupboard, in the spare room (bed, floor AND in the cupboard) and in some draws as well as ones we were actually using in the pantry & fridge. Not to mention the kids lunch box containers.

This photo was taken AFTER I had already stopped putting containers back in there a week prior in preparation to attempt this task.

More then one family of 4 could possibly need – or want. BUT I kept buying. Why? Because I could never find that blooming lid, or oh here’s the lid I need, but where’s that blinking container??? We had the lids shoved in baskets, that then turned into 2 baskets (because you know, round and then rectangle/square) yeah right. That lasted all of 5 minutes (ok, probably longer, but it just didn’t work for me long term).

So, I’d finally had enough. First I got rid of all the kids containers. You know those cheap plastic ones you buy in I swear packs of 1000, either that or they breed! Donating all of them, along with the plastic cutlery that come with the package was such a relief. My containers I kept fit neatly, I was even able to put the kids plastic cups in these little baskets because I was sick and tired of them climbing up and standing on my kitchen cabinets to reach their cups.

That was one thing done. It was easy. It was immediate satisfaction and such a difference. YAY! Next – the dreaded PLASTICS……. I seriously felt like I wanted to cry. So the best place for me to start was piling them all in the one place together….

Yep…. Why in the world did I think we needed more again?? 

Next I divided them up into brands. Tupperware, Decor, Sistema, other random containers. Then decided what I really needed/should keep. I decided I should keep my Tupperware, as honestly, they are by far the most expensive and I do like them. So they were my number one priority. I found all the ones I did like, and weeded out the ones I didn’t (because let’s face it, 1. they wouldn’t all fit in my corner cupboard, 2. we don’t find all of them ideal, and 3. I am a sucker for that silly “Spend $75 and get a Mystery Pack valued over $100 for only $25” deal) I always end up with at least one thing that I don’t have a use for. But I keep it. Because – well, I have no clue why. I even found a piece of Tupperware STILL IN PLASTIC. Obviously, it’s so well used and loved and I’m scared of breaking it…. or something. Aghhh *rolls eyes*.

Now when I repacked my “Plastics Cupboard”, this time I decided to put them back WITH the lids on. And you know what, it looks FANTASTIC!!!! I’m not cursing or complaining because I can’t find a lid. I reach in, grab what I need and easily close the door. No more chuck and shut!IMG_9954.JPG

I also decided to keep a few Decor containers (Like the clear ones with the green rimmed lid) because I just don’t have Tupperware containers that fit what these are specifically used for. And I’m not going to just buy for the sake of “it has to be Tupperware”. I have also put in my spare cupboard MOST of the Sistema containers, because they are handy as well.

BUT I did get rid of a huge amount. I have some Tupperware that I’m hoping to find lids of once I finish decluttering that dreaded spare bedroom (it’s a work in progress, and a HUGE job). I have a box of “to donate” plastic items. And I don’t miss a single item so far, and this was a few weeks ago. I haven’t even thought about the Sistema ones in the spare room. So they may still (probably will) get sold/donated down the track when I attempt that room.

I’m so glad I tackled this area, I’ve found a happy medium of the amount of containers I can handle, and I can keep it neat, stay on top of it and most importantly, it no longer makes me insane (and no-one is asking me where’s the lid for this). If you have a Plastics Cupboard/Draw that is driving you nuts. Maybe consider why it is doing so. The answer may be simpler then you think!!!

Christine xx


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