Today I start my journey on Michelle Bridges 12WBT. This is my second official round. And I’m really looking forward to it!

Last round was after I had Mr L 3.5 years ago. I managed to lose 7.1kg without changing much exercise wise. Now I’m in the right mindset and have my exercise routine pretty set I’m ready for a shake up.
I need the structure of a diet plan, I need to be held accountable, and I need the extra push! Here is to a new me – a fitter me – a happier me! So here’s my commitment:img_0193

  1. I will practice mindful eating. Eating for nutritional enjoyment instead of emotional eating.
  2. Getting 7-8 hours sleep a night.
  3. Surround myself with positivity – you only get in what you put out into the universe.
  4. Flexibity & Walking – Continuing my gymnastics routine and if I can’t commit to an actual 12WBT workout that day at least do a morning walk – something is better then nothing.
  5. Meal planning, shopping & food prep days. Planning will be key to my success.
  6. I will keep my goals in mind – always

I don’t want to get to the end of this round and be disappointed with where I’m at. I WILL put the effort in. Sometimes it will suck. But I will give it my all and make myself proud – I can do this!

I’m saying goodbye to 2016 with a bang!!

Christine xx

First workout of this round – DONE ✅ Phew!!

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