This weekend was super busy, Gymnastics classes for both kids and myself, I went out with some lovely school ladies for a High Tea raising money for the Breast & Prostate Cancer Foundation on Saturday, then Sunday the kids and I browsed the markets, went grocery shopping, had swimming lessons and then had an impromptu play date at the beach. I don’t even know what happened Monday (I do know that we had 2 school friends over for a play Monday afternoon after school) & Tuesday – no clue, but today….. Today, I woke up and looked around my house and all I saw was MESS! Aghhhh. How did that even happen? So I had 2 options.

  1. I could beat myself up, get cranky that I failed, yet again, at keeping the house clean OR
  2. I could take some photo’s, and get back into my regular routine.
Kitchen’s a mess again – bugger!

Guess which option I chose? Yep. I took some photo’s (because – blog) and decided to just get into it. So I started with an extension of my 10 minute morning routine. It did take a little longer then normal, because I never got around to finishing unpacking the groceries Sunday, so had a rockmelon’s exploded mess on the kitchen tiles – ewwwww. (The photo was taken AFTER I had cleaned up that mess)

I still had a bit of time before the school run, so I started to put away kids clothes and quickly picking up their room and making beds. I also managed to tidy off the bathroom cabinets by putting stuff where they belong and changing over the towels and bathmat (a normal Monday job, which I didn’t get around to doing this week). All in 15 minutes.

With school drop off done, I went for a walk to clear my head, put on a podcast and walked my (not so) little butt off. Come home, changed over my load of washing and had my yoghurt for morning tea while starting this post.

I swear my laundry exploded. Dirty clothes and towels on the floor/in front of machine & clean clothes waiting to be put away on bench.

So time to tackle the house. 3 loads of washing done and hung out, all other clean clothes put away. Fresh towels and mats in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Kitchen bench cleaned off and groceries finished being put away. Floor swept and mopped. Lunch made for hubby & me – and I’m done.

Now, I’m certainly not perfect, and I’m definitely NOT wonder woman. My lounge, dining room & toy rooms still need to be picked up and vacuumed, my sewing room and the spare room still resemble being robbed, but that’s quote 2.jpg

Today I made progress. I exercised, have made healthy choices with my food, I’ve written this blog post and my house is that much more cleaner from the effort I have made today. And that’s what this journey is about. Progress. Moving forward.

So no, my routine did not fail. I certainly did not fail Looking back, I made the right choice, I got on with it. Thank god I had those routines in place, because this task wasn’t so overwhelming. But if you haven’t got your own personal routines in place yet, don’t aim to do the whole house, top to bottom and decluttered all in one day, because you won’t. But in saying that, don’t think ‘well I can’t clean it all up so I won’t bother doing anything’. Do something. Make progress. Start. Because tomorrow, it will be just that little bit more easier, more cleaner and tidier and much easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And if you’re needing more inspiration, or you really get in and clean but never notice a difference – take some before and after pics (see below). Most people have a digital camera or a camera on their phone. It’s amazing to see it in your face even if you feel like you’ve made no progress, and the beauty of it is you can delete these pictures afterwards. (or show hubby when he says “what did you do all day” hehe)

Christine xx







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