Yesterday was an emotional day. It started out fantastically, had my healthy Michelle Bridges 12WBT breakfast – Mango & Granola Yoghurt Parfait with fresh mango – mmmmm I love this time of year for fruit! Followed by a walk with 2 friends after school drop off.

Then while having my morning tea (yoghurt), decided to finally tackle my iCloud that was FULL. Which was affecting my phone because it was backing all my documents from my laptop (MacBook Air) to my iCloud account and therefore filling up my phone. My first port of call of course was Apple themselves. I needed to be sure how to delete these properly so that it wouldn’t remove the files from my computer – after following the steps given and being assured no, it would not delete the stuff from my computer, only the backups in iCloud, I deleted. EVERYTHING. All items on my desktop, allllll items in my Documents which coincidentally also included all of my tafe assessments, and yes, my current one that is 6 pages long.

And guess what – it DID NOT just delete it from my iCloud account – IT DELETED IT FROM MY COMPUTER!!!!!! 

I wanted to cry – in fact, I did. A lot! And then cried a bit more! Because it took me 4 more phone calls to Apple and NO SOLUTIONS. Only that I could recover the last 1000 files deleted. Obviously I had more then 1000 files – how many more? I have no idea! What are the names of some of the files you’ve lost? Also, do not know all of them. (Seriously, these were some question I got from Apple, I didn’t know how many or what they were all called – I just knew they were ALL GONE!!!!!) 

I yelled, I bargained, I cried. Then, I drank. A strong Vodka. What in the world do I do. Gave my friend a call who is much more tech savvy then I am. She didn’t know either. Arghhhhhh Not good. This assessment took me WEEKS of back and forth, is it right, is it not, editing, and driving me crazy. And the smart thing is – I have a 2TB external hard drive and I HAVE NEVER SET IT UP!!! 

Yep…… I’m super smart sometimes…..

So I hit google. I searched and searched and searched some more. I read soooooo many forums and finally, I saw some light. One forum suggested that they had recovered all of their 8000+ files but it was a long process. You know what, I’ll take it and give it a go! And guess what? IT WORKED!!! 

So for all you Mac users out there, if you accidentally delete all of your files from iCloud and desperately need them back, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Go to settings
  3. Scroll down the bottom left, top option restore files, click it
  4. Select all
  5. Restore.

Now this may take a while, it also may say it doesn’t work. Never fear. Give it five minutes. Refresh your screen. Possibly log out and log back in again and then repeat the above process as many times as needed. Because GUESS WHAT? When you restore 1000 files and refresh, the next 1000 files are there waiting!!!!! 

Yes, it’s a slow process and no, I’m not done yet. But phew! I got my assessment back, I got a lot of my documents back so far and you have no idea how relieved I am. 

Remember though, you only have 30 days to recover your deleted files, so if this has happened to you more then 1 month ago I’m sorry, this won’t work 😦 

So my technological nightmare was mostly fixed. I didn’t stab anyone in the process 😉 and I have my assessment and quite a few of those important documents back. I also saved my tafe stuff to Dropbox AND setup my external hard drive as well as backing up what I’ve already recovered. 

Ahhhh sigh of relief!

Christine xx


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