Toy Room Bombsite

Toys, toys, toys. I’m pretty sure they just explode in our household. It’s literally a ticking timebomb. Neat, neat, neat BAM messy! 

So last week I spent an hour cleaning, sorting, dusting and throwing – and then another 15 minutes sharpening pencils.

This was the mostly before photo, I started cleaning and then snapped this photo.

A week later and I’m happy to say that it still looks pretty much like this! I honestly keep forgetting the value of a 5 minute pickup and getting the kids involved. Yes, at 5 & 3 they do complain, but not as much when I get in and do it as well. And it’s not actually taking 5 minutes as I am now constantly reminding them: put that away before starting to play with this. And it’s working! HALLELUJAH!!!! 

I know my parents have gotten quite upset with my new “no toys at Christmas” rule, asking what in the world should they buy them. But this mess is the result of not caring. It’s the second major clean up in the last 3 months and I’m not sorry there are less toys. The kids have barely batted an eye at the missing toys and I highly suspect they haven’t noticed. 

I’m looking forward to a less messy, not so toy filled Christmas and getting back to what I love about Christmas – family, memories, traditions and food…. 


One thought on “Toy Room Bombsite

  1. I love their little desk and chairs, with their phone. So cute. Good work on the no toys rule! I am sure the grandparents will think of some great gifts once they get their head around it.
    Toys do seem to breed. I need another weed out. I am a big fan of toy rotation. Put half away and swap every two weeks. Keeps the novelty factor high but lowers the clutter factor.

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