Searching for Something

Have you ever thought, once I finish xx I’ll be much happier/less stressed/less busy/more relaxed. Yep, I’ve been there, often. And coming into Christmas season, even more so. Because there’s always just one more thing to do.

My list seems never-ending and I feel like there’s no-one to help. It’s a struggle. But I’m hoping I can almost see light at the end of the tunnel. You know those moments when it’s all just too much. That’s how I feel right now. As any mum or dad could attest, parenting is a juggling act, add an extra ball, and then another, and another, and another into the mix and one day you will get to full fledge break down point and drop all the balls if you aren’t sure when enough is enough.

I’m trying to be less busy, but it’s not as simple as wanting it and then BAM – no longer busy. I wish it was that simple. I have a plan, but i’ve now discovered, it takes more work then just making a plan. This week coming there’s kids to be looked after, the Christmas Raffle Hampers to finish putting together/making, raffle tickets to sell, house to be cleaned, meetings to be had, kids extra-curricular activities to do (including the running around for these), sewing clothes to complete an order, and market stock to finish making before Markets on Friday & Saturday – so basically 5 days to fit all that in…

I wish some of these things could be put off, just to give me breathing room. But no. I’ve already put some things off and now here I am. So starting today:

  • 5am wake up times SUCK, but it will help me get things done.
  • I will be ruthless with my to-do list.
  • I am going to kick ass and tell my to-do list who’s boss!!!!
  • I will turn off my phone.
  • I will not multi-task.
  • I will completely finish one item at a time until I can cross it off my to-do list.
  • There are certain items that MUST be completed on certain days, I will schedule these in and complete them before I do anything else that day.
  • And finally – I WILL SAY NO!!! I’ll get REALLY good at it.
This week’s sewing related to-do list – Buttons to be sewn on shorts & skirts, Hair Bows to be made, embroidery work to be cut out ready for Markets on Friday, 5m of white felt cut into A4 sized squares (used for backing a lot of work) and hooded towels ready to be sewn.

We all get the same 24 hours per day. How can we best use our 24 hours to our advantage? One determined half hour at a time.

Christine xx


3 thoughts on “Searching for Something

  1. All the best. I totally agree that single tasking is more productive and less stressful than multitasking.
    Just my two cents, but could you shout yourself a cleaner for an hour or two this week? I am sure you can find a friend who could recommend someone. Also, will the sky fall if the raffle tickets don’t get sold! You have your reasons for doing stuff, and I am clueless, but simetimes a question from an outsider can help you think, why am I doing this again?
    Bring on the market being done and dusted!

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    1. I figure housework can wait. The house won’t explode if I don’t clean this week, I’ll stick to my 10 minutes morning and night and next week I can get back into my routine. I’ve broken down my list and have been knocking things off one at a time. So far, so good – 5 days to go!

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