Well today marks the end of 5 weeks of Michelle Bridges 12WBT. Overall, I’m feeling really good about my progress. Last week (Week 4) was the first check-in point – Down 3.3kg total, said goodbye to 14.5cm overall and then increased my fitness test from 32/100 to 40/100. WOO HOO!

Then I had a crappy, emotional week. I reached my limits with how much I had on my to-do list, yes, I cried, and yes, I took the kids to Cold Rock and had something terrible (but delicious) that certainly wasn’t Michelle Bridges approved – 15122935_10211131991515381_5910192797674736441_o

Yep, that was mine. And then, because my day was so terrible and I couldn’t be bothered – I ordered Pizza on the way home. ARGHHHHH. Can anyone say self sabotage?? On the bright side though, kids loved an impromptu ice cream trip that we really never do unless we are away on holidays.

The rest of the week also wasn’t fantastic, I may have had a few Lazy Bears (suitable given my state of mind I think), and Vodka Cruisers (I chose the Sugar Free ones, so surely that has to count for something?!) – so this week, surprise, surprise – 500g gain on the scales. Damn it!!!!

However, that result has made me more determined to get back into it. I still attended my 2 Adult Gymnastics classes this last week and last night hit a milestone for me – a back hip circle on the bars, unassisted, with no spotters. I done it. By myself! WINNING!!!

I have been super busy (I have come to really HATE that word), so I haven’t been able to have time to do my usual walking routine. But tomorrow – tomorrow I’ll be hitting the pavement, clearing my head, listening to a podcast or some music and walking at my favourite place – the Botanic Gardens.

School holidays start Thursday. That will be bringing a whole new set of challenges, but I will make a plan and I’m determined to make the absolute most of the remaining 7 weeks. Sometimes I think that you need a minor set back to help you refocus.

Speaking of Podcasts – do you have a favourite? I’m always looking for new ones to keep me company during my solo walks.

Christine xx


One thought on “12WBT – 5 weeks done

  1. Great stuff. There will always be stumbles, but at least you aren’t letting a small slip derail you completely. Crazily I too started a healthy eating and exercise push in the lead up to Christmas. What was I thinking! It’s only been two weeks and I have done fairly well.
    My favourite podcasts are Straight & Curly, Let It Be and Happier.
    Happier has lots of episodes on forming and keeping healthy habits.

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