My Facebook sabbatical / technology lite time starts now. I have asked a friend to keep an eye on things, scheduled posts and changed the header pic of my Facebook hobby page, I’ve let friends and family know and almost a week ago started a countdown timer courtesy of 99 Days of Freedom on my personal page.

All custom orders have been picked up, Facebook is deactivated. I have had many questions running through my head, and also people asking me. How long will I actually last? Not sure, I’d love the whole 99 days, but will be satisfied with the school holidays (until February). Will I miss out? Not on the important things that are right in front of me. What will I do? Anything I want! Spend time with family and friends.

Yesterday, I turned all notifications off on my phone, I deleted unnecessary apps and I reduced the number of email accounts I own and got all 3 necessary inboxes to ZERO! I’m starting this “experiment” fresh with no distractions.

I still have Instagram to post pics of the kids and our family time so family and friends can stay up to date. Since deleting Facebook/groups/messenger apps from my phone approx 1 month ago I found that not only do I have more time available when I don’t sneak onto Safari and browse Facebook but when I scroll through Instagram, I’m done really quickly. I’m not click baited into reading an article that really doesn’t interest me and it’s not a time vacuum wasteland. So for now, Instagram stays.

I have happily taken up reading again and actually started enjoying sewing. It’s only a few days in from the start of the holidays but am already feeling lighter, less overwhelmed, less stressed and more inspired. I’m encouraged by this and am hoping the feeling continues and increases for the whole time.

6 days down, 93 to go.

Christine xx


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