For most of us party season is in full swing. Christmas parties left, right and centre. However, in our family we have 1 birthday left, my mother-in-laws 60th. 

I have been madly helping with party prep – decorating and cake making is generally my domain 😉 which I love. So here’s how I managed to decorate this 2 night party for under $150.

Paper Lanterns are pretty and fairly simple. These one were only $2.00 each at a discount store. 

I purchased a sheet of diamonte strip “stickers” and also diamonte ribbon. First off I added the diamontes top and bottom, 2x AAA batteries and using my hot glue gun I attached diamonte ribbon around the middle. 

And lit up:

Next I used some white and purple crepe streamers and purple & silver balloons to decorate the top of a gazebo. This is the end result looking up:

Bit windy. But with some time and effort, this is really effective and looks awesome. 

Next is probably the most expensive part of the whole decorating process, the champagne bottle with bubbles. This is so suitable for my mother in law, but totally worth the added expense and made a gorgeous photo prop/backdrop.

And last, but certainly not least, the streamer wall with the addition of the 60 balloons.

This would also be an awesome photo backdrop with a row of balloons at the top & bottom instead of the large numbers. We got packs of streamers from The Reject Shop for around $2.00 each, the large bows were a Christmas decoration and $3.00 each. 

These decorations did take me time, but mostly fairly cheap. The large balloons were our biggest expense at $10-$15 each, so without these it would greatly reduce costs for sure. 20 packs of balloons for $3.00 each, hired a tank of helium from Spotlight for $40 (plus $100 refundable deposit) which also isn’t necessary if you don’t have the large numbers and champagne bottle, it would probably be cheaper to just purchase a few helium balloons for the tables/floor decorations from big w or spotlight. 

Sometimes the simple decorations are the most effective.

Christine xx


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