What a wonderfully relaxing day today has been so far. Kids slept in until 7am! I could hardly believe it! 

It’s a raining drizzly summer Christmas here today, so the new swimmers and pool noodles have been flung to the side in favour of Pie Face and Roller Skates (and me playing with my new Fitbit Blaze). 

We’ve eaten way too much (as you do) prawns, baked ham, crackling and salads – YUM! Pavlova in the fridge for afternoon tea before heading next door for Christmas dinner tonight. 

Santa sent our kids a text message (not one of those paid ones, I sent a text to myself, saved the number and made the picture as Santa Claus) telling them that there is a present waiting to be put together in the shed at home with a picture of their joint Swing Set. They were so excited and can’t wait to get home 🙂 Last night for the first time we took the kids to Christmas Eve Church service. It was beautiful and the kids loved the carols, the video they showed with kids telling their version of Christmas and Jesus’ birth, but the supper afterwards was their favorite part (luckily it wasn’t midnight mass, just an early evening short service). 

I hope whatever you are doing today it is filled with love, family and friends and brings you great joy. 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours. Much love,

Christine xx 


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