I have decided my first post of 2017 should be about where I’m at and where I’m hopefully heading for 2017. This will be fantastic to refer to at the end of the year to see exactly how far I have actually come.


  • Followers: 27
  • Facebook: 7 (link may not work at the moment due to my Facebook break)
  • Pinterest: 55 (but this is an old/combined account that has seen a few different faces)
  • Instagram: Not on Instagram for Happy Little Housewife yet.
  • Income: $0

Little Cherry Owl:

I wrote briefly about my goals in my Goodbye 2016 post, but wanted to refer back to my Busy posts (Part 1 & Part 2) from when I was really overwhelmed and made a temporary plan. I’m pleased to say that I have taken quite a bit from that time and with the help of my gorgeous new Kikki-K Planner and Lisa Jacobs Your Best Year 2017 I feel I’m really on the right path for this year. (If you don’t want to purchase Your Best Year, Lisa has done an amazing series of Blog posts to help you prepare for the New Year, but I absolutely adored the e-book, I’m so glad I purchased it because it got me into the mindset I personally needed).

2017 is the year I will give it my all. I have set strong goals, I have scheduled in sewing-related promo’s for the year, I have set up a time blocked weekly schedule that will kick off once school heads back, I have had a clear head with this current Facebook break (I actually don’t miss it at all), I have booked a cruise for our first overseas family holiday (departing 10 years to the day that we went on our Honeymoon) and am in a great place mentally. I’m feeling very positive and am excited for this year to come, I want to go into 2018 with absolutely no regrets or feeling that I didn’t try hard enough.

Yesterday I was super excited to receive my new planner cover in the mail – the packaging was adorable and just made it all seem that little bit more special. So now that my planner is set up for 2017, I’ll be sure to do a bit of a post on that soon.

Sending positivity and kick ass vibes out to you all ~ bring on 2017!

Christine xx


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