When you work full time away from the home, you have a rough idea on what you need to concentrate on every day, so why should a stay at home/work from home mum be any different? And with school going back in a few days time, I’m eagerly anticipating getting back into a regular schedule.

So I come across this thing called Time Blocking and I thought, what a great way to have a rough plan of everything I want to accomplish or that which is important to me. Here’s how I’ve worked out my schedule and I’m excited to get started!

  1. List absolutely everything you need to do. This is messy. If there’s a certain day you need to do something, make a note of that next to the item. Eg: 3 days of the week I have 2 school drop-offs, the other 2 is only one drop-off, so less time is required on those days. Things that have a more flexible time frame, just make a note and add this in later (e.g.: As you can see I had every day items as well as items I needed to slot in my week)
  2. Rough draft. I originally drew this out, and then decided I hated how messy it was, so got out old trusty Excel Spreadsheet. The first thing I done in there was allocated my time in half hour increments starting at 1:00am through to midnight.
  3. Start entering/writing it out. First I added in the non-negotiable stuff I have to do on the days I need to do them e.g.: School Drop-off’s & Pick-ups, Extracurricular activities etc.
  4. Then was time to block. Adding in the extra bits and pieces into where I need them. Playing around with the times and then colour coding. I also was able to merge the cells in excel to have that proper block look. So I know Monday & Wednesday I sew 10:30-12, stop for lunch, then sew again from 12:30-2:30 when it’s time to go and pickup kids. Tuesday morning is for studying. I’ve got an hour block for time with hubby and a half hour forward planning/reflection time where I can plan for tomorrow, set up my to-do list, fill out my Sentence A Day Journal and just wind down before bed.

My items are all a bit flexible, but having time blocked out for cleaning, sewing and studying as well as the more mundane admin work means that I have time set out and I can’t make excuses and claim that “I don’t have time to (insert what I always avoid here)”

This is not a set in stone time blocking. I may adjust going forward once I’ve put it into practice, but for now I’m happy. I’ve arranged times for all that’s non-negotiable and important and there is plenty of free time. This may not work, but I’m going to give it a good chance and change accordingly if required. 

Have you ever tried time blocking? Did it work for you? 

Christine xx 

Ps: I will do a follow up post on whether this worked or not at the end of February. 


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