Week 1: Why Start this Challenge?

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After seeing this Challenge on the lovely Hannah from Paint Me A Smile’s Blog, I decided that I loved the concept. I really wanted to partcipate and believe that being Grateful and showing Gratitude is one way I can live more intentionally.

From now on, Monday is my official “Gratitude Day”. Why Monday? Because so many people dislike Monday’s, so if I chose this day to be a happy day, then it rates higher on the list.

“The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for.” ~ Walt Disney

I’m looking forward to not only sharing a bit more about myself, but to opening up my heart and appreciating what’s right in front of me, and who knows, my gratitude posts could inspire you to start your own challenge.

Christine xx




11 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Gratitude Introduction

  1. This looks like an excellent challenge. Can’t wait to read how you get on. I kept a daily gratitude journal for a while and then started a morning gratitude practice. I’ve fallen off with regular practice lately, but I still notice a lasting change from the different outlook it gave me.

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    1. I think that daily would be too much for me as I would resort to saying the same thing or I would get bored with it quickly making it feel like a chore. I do have a mini Gratitude Journal, but have only written in it once so far this year. I like the ideas of having prompts to save repeating myself lol

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