My Top 5 Podcasts 

Podcasts are like blogging – still fairly new to me. I’ve had this app on my iPhone for god knows how long. I remember thinking why do I even have this on here. I never bothered to explore or discover, it was just “one of those apps Apple decided you need”.

Then I saw a question in a decluttering group about how people got inspiration to declutter. It certainly grabbed my attention and I started reading (because let’s face it, sometimes we need a little kick in the bum to stay motivated) and in those comments I came across a mention of podcasts, specifically A Slob Comes Clean & The Minimalists. I listened to these right from the first episode all the way through to the most recent – and I was HOOKED!!!

Right now I’m up-to-date on Intention, A Slob Comes Clean, Straight & Curly & The Minimalists, I’m currently working on Create & Thrive.

  1. A Slob Comes Clean – Dana White originally started her blog as Noni (short for anonymous) and has since moved to podcasting (as well as continuing her blog and has also recently published a book). This was the first Podcast I ever listened to and I generally listened to it while cleaning. She has a unique, honest view on cleaning and about her “Slob Vision” that just spoke directly to me.
  2. The Minimalists – These guys were my first introduction into minimalism. Now, my house is NOWHERE near minimalist. Not by a long shot. But I do love their message and it has encouraged me to keep going with the cleaning and decluttering. They have also made me realise that being a minimalist doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have anything out on display or you have like 30 items per person. There are all different “brands” of minimalism.
  3. Straight & Curly is for self-improvement junkies and was a recommendation in iTunes. They talk about a wide range of things and was the inspiration behind my Facebook hiatus over Christmas. I loved it so much that I think I will do the same thing every school holidays.
  4. Intention – this is only a fairly new podcast and I discovered them through Instagram. What really caught my eye, is that Intentional is my one word for 2017, so I HAD to listen to it. So far, I’m really enjoying it.
  5. The Create & Thrive Podcast – This year I am really concentrating on turning my hobby into a business and I joined Jess’ Thriver Circle. I’m giving my business my all this year and this podcast is full of hints and tips to help me on this journey.

So these are my favourite podcasts right now, I add new podcasts as I finish/get up to date on a previous one. Eg: I’ve just finished Intentional, now I’m moving onto catching up on the Create & Thrive one, then I will need a new one to listen to 😉 But I always pause my binge listening when new episodes come out of ones I’ve already gotten up to date with. So I’m always on the search of my next podcast.

What is your favourite Podcast and where do you listen to it? I’m curious about Serial, as I’ve heard it’s very good. But always open to something new 🙂

Christine xx


Operation: Dream Sewing Room 1

If I make it small, you can’t see as good 😉 

Yep. My sewing room looks like I’ve been robbed. I need to seriously declutter, tidy and organise this room, but it’s soooo easy to put off. Yesterday afternoon – I made a start.

I started by getting organised a Donate section, a take to school section (craft items going to the school chaplains program), a bin bag and finally, I went against everything and I made a “put elsewhere” box and got started.

Of course, Once I’d completed the 1 hour I could dedicate to that task, and the kids had gone to bed, I sat down and tackled Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. Ohhhh a peg board! I want that! I knew I wanted to move my embroidery machine around to make room for my laptop and to set an actual “office space” up, but, I had one cupboard in my future office section, that I’ve been trying to keep clean or sort out ever since I moved my felt in there, off the bench – you know, to make it tidy (hahaha) – but I couldn’t come up with, or find a solution…..

This cupboard has felt sheets, postage stuff, office supplies and god only knows what else in there. I even threw out all my scraps a while ago in an effort to fix the issue. Oh dear. Pinterest and google searches weren’t helping at all. Until I come across a site that mentioned the sheets are “approximately the size of an A4 sheet or slightly smaller”.

There was lots of mentions and suggestions about hanging files and filing cabinets but I thought, they aren’t stiff like cardboard and will easily bend if not full (like some of my paper tends to do) and they will end up piled in the bottom of the folder – that’s no good. Plus my filing cabinet is the other side of the room, I don’t have room to move it, I don’t want to have to keep getting up (lazy much?!) – I need my stuff easily accessible when working. Maybe I could attach something inside the cupboard???

And then it hit me! I had 4-5 large folders with 4 D clips in, that currently holds patterns… I was going to declutter severely down to one or 2 folders (because I have them accessible to me at any time if I REALLY needed them, and most of the time I can’t find the pieces needed or it doesn’t occur to me I already have the pattern printed, so I re-print the pages as I need them anyway).

Inspiration hit – And guess what?? MY FELT SHEETS FIT!! I found a Felt Storage Solution that works for me. I can lay the folders down or stand them up. I can sort by colours, and place a different colour sheet in each individual pocket and they are neat, tidy, accessible and functional! I can even put a label on the edge with all the colours in the folder – easily accessible and I can view at a glance.

See the fluff that gets on the felt sheets usually?

I’m feeling proud I’ve come up with a Felt Storage Solution that works perfectly for me, using what I already have. I still have a looooooooong way to go for this room. But I’ve made a start – and that’s the important thing.

And I still want that pegboard 😉

Christine xx


Handmade Gifts

It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year. A time for family, love, friendship and quality time. Often people worry about the dollar value of a gift and can forget that sometimes, it really is the thought that counts. 

I absolutely love gift giving – I really put a conscious effort into the thought process and ensure the recipient will get value and joy from each item. Often I am the one asked what to get for someone else and I love it. 

This year I gave the school teachers and daycare mum these gorgeous little glasses with real flowers in from That Little Nook. Yes they’re REAL! They arrived and were simply stunning. They last up to 10 years. It was something that is different and isn’t another mug, chocolates or a bunch of flowers.

When another school mum asked what she should do, I immediately thought of my all time favorite thing – my bullet journal. And offered my assistance. 

Now there are plenty of tutorials out there but I personally used Rabbit Rabbit Creations pattern and changed to suit. These aren’t fully set up bullet journals (because I know they aren’t for everyone) but simply a notebook from Kmart that was on sale for $3 each and fabric I already had here. 

As long as you have access to a sewing machine and can sew a straight line you can create these yourself. 

There are so many ideas on handmade gifts that are sure to be appreciated by anyone receiving them and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Next will be starting on the Christmas gift baking 😉


Christine xx

When hobbies are frustrating!

Some of you may (or may not) have noticed that I have a little hobby page Little Cherry Owl. Generally I LOVVVEEEE what I do. Not only sewing pretty clothes for girls (that are a respectable length when worn), but also doing embroidery.

Today while sewing up some shorts for an order, I thought why not make a start on some
embroidery work for my next markets. I can have one machine working with minimal supervision (on certain things that require no appliqué work {read cutting around tiny little pieces of fabric} like keyrings) while I sew up some shorts for an order.

Masks.jpgThis process started well, set the machine, get it all ready, 40 minute sewing time, excellent. I’ll go do school drop off, go for my walk with another school mum and then come home and it will be ready for the next step – no. My machine had other plans.

First the yellow thread snapped while I was out. So when I got home I was only 10 minutes into my 40 minute stitch time. Fixed that and brought in my groceries, because I decided to do that while I was out, and hung out another load of washing. Luckily the yellow finished all on its own.

Next is the backing and the red outline stitch. Oh my word! That has done my head in! This step that was only supposed to be 10 minutes of stitch time has turned into an ALL DAY PROCESS!!!! Approx every 200 stitches it comes up with this: 

Which means my thread has broken, again. For the what seems like 100th time today! Note the 25,800 stitches, yeahhhh imagine having to re-thread a machine every 200 stitches of approx 5,000 of those…..
Thankfully, I’m done now. But I’m ready to bang my head against a brick wall!!! Who said hobbies were relaxing?!?

Christine xx

Ps: I did manage to make some super cute Marshall Finger Puppets. Turns out, red & I aren’t agreeing today, but at least I like my machine again….. until next time anyway 😉