Week 6 ~ The City you live in.

This week is all about being grateful for the town you live in. This one is easy for me as the town I currently live in, is the town I’ve lived in my whole life. Many people have heard of Bundaberg even if they have never lived in Australia purely because of the things we are famous for.

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  • Bundaberg Brewed Drinks – Started with Ginger Beer and has since expanded.
  • Bundaberg Rum – iconic rum that people line up to collect (including my hubby!) My favourite is the Royal Liqueur for spirit and Lazy Bear for pre-mix.
  • Hinkler House Memorial Museum (Now called the Hinkler Hall of Aviation) – this beautiful house was relocated brick by brick from London to Australia, it is located in our gorgeous Botanic Gardens. Fun fact: This was my first job when I left school, I ran the house and done a lot of work updating all the archives, ensuring all photographs and memorabilia was listed and kept the house clean and running. Since I worked there, there have been many changes and it’s a beautiful place to visit.
  • Botanic Gardens ~ Not only is the gardens my favourite place to walk, but it has some beautiful features like the Japanese Gardens. The gardens is also home to Fairymead House, Bundaberg Museum and a lovely cafe.
  • Mon Repos & the turtles – how cute are the turtles, we are lucky enough to be able to see the eggs be layed and then later on you can return to see them hatch.

Not to mention the beautiful beaches very close to us – Bargara, Elliott Heads, Moore Park, Innes Park.

I’m lucky to live in a place as gorgeous as this, surrounded by beauty and fresh produce.

Christine xx

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